Veronica B. Vallenes is a prize winning Norwegian designer based in Copenhagen. Vallenes’ latest collections have garnered international recognition in magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Pop World, PIG Magazine, Fallen and SMUG, as well as coverage in high-end Danish publications such as Cover, Costume, Elle and Eurowoman. 


Vallenes recently won a new talent award in her home country, and is also nominated for the prestigious Norwegian design award, Nåløyet. She is also currently nominated for the Max Factor New Talent Award in Copenhagen.Veronica B. Vallenes’ design juxtaposes the edgy and cool with the feminine and elegant. Focusing on straight lines and silhouettes, she combines vintage with contemporary references and adds a touch of the exotic. With a background in costume design, Vallenes downplays extravagance in favour of highly wearable yet edgy collections.

Veronica B. Vallenes

Location: Denmark
Tags: Harem Trousers, Harem shorts, High Waisted Shorts, 20ties, 30ties, 70ties