MOMI is the result of a dream: one dreamed up by Marco Momi, father of this creation, that is contained in a word which, in turn, contains a world.
MOMI is untranslatable, its meaning seems to travel through several places.
MOMI means a“cool” person with values​​, it can be an emotion, an object, a place, a moment.
MOMI chooses not to appear like a normal collection: each garment is an object that cannot be defined as just part of a clothing range, it is the embodiment of ideas as they take shape. MOMI looks like the magician’s hat from which, each season, something new could pop out.
MOMI is a brand with a duel passport: it is Italian, because is entirely made ​​in Italy, but it is also a citizen of the world, like its creator, who was born and raised in Trieste, a Central European city.
 MOMI  focuses on e-commerce, web promotion and communication.
        “The choice made to use online channels also fits our desire to communicate in a


Location: Italy
Tags: Sportswear, Tops, Hoodies